​                                      ARKTEX
​                          CENTRAL
                        SOUTH CENTRAL
    Mike and Sharon Stroman - Directors 2016
   Caitlyn and Steven Stroman - Directors 2017
               Allen and Judy Blackman
                    David and Krystal Ford
               Richard and Toni Huffman
                 Casey and Amanda Laughlin
                      Linda and Rick Milam
                   Brandy and Andrew Patton
                 Mary and David Rhyne
                  Joyce and Ben Sudduth
                     Jill and Marty Sugg
                 Erbie and Carolyn Voyles
            Steve Strawn and the ArkTex Ladies
      Mike and Sharon Stroman - Directors 2017
                Sarah and Jackson Hammond
            Melissa Taylor and Gary Martin
                  Rhonda and Jay Stidham
      Chris and Rebecca Wright - Directors 2016
      Jessica and Brandon Bobo - Directors 2017
                    Janice and Greg Bobo
              Michelle and Charles Johnson
           Rheshell and Shannon McCaleb
           Rebecca and Danny Montgomery
      C.A.S.T. CLASSIC 2016
                 Kim and Lonny McGuffey - Directors
                  Tracey and Stephen Dyer
                     Pam and Kendall Lynn
        Leslie and Dillon Peck
                     Michelle and Brad Ritchie
        Mimi Thompson and Frank Tenorio
Suzie and Joe Moss - Directors 2016 and 2017
     LeaAnn and Joel Howell - Directors 2016
                      Glen and Cindy Emmons
                 Destiny and Michael Moss
                   Steve and Trudy Smith
               Cheryl and Reagan Young
      Aryn and Richard Standeford - Directors
                Lynne and Gary Brooks
                      ​Ron an Debbie Carter
                     Mary and Stan Hall
                   Mark and Tiffany Lachenauer
                 Darla and Kenny Rooke
               Lori Frederick and Tracy Tolbert   
                  John Watts - Director 2016
  Mike Lott - Director 2017
                 Theresa and Norman Bates
               Tracy and Dewey Bonner
           Peggy Schaffner and Les Brown
                   Lori and Paul Cobb
                 Mark Finch
                Kelly and Mike Gaubatz
              Wesley and Jewell Johnson
                Charlie and Donna Harness
                    Morna and Mark Lane
                   Molly and Robert Laird
            Gaye Don and Raymond Minchew
                      Rene' and Clint Talley
                  Brian and Leslee Zemlicka
            John Watts - Director 2016
     Mike and Sharon Stroman - Directors 2017
                     Molly and David Atwell
                  David and Tina Bozarth
                     Joyce and Larry Coleman
                   Buddy and Gay Day
                   Wes and Karena Dawson
              Crystal and Jonie Fountain
                 Rebecca and Johnie Fountain
                   Johnny and Jolyne George

                      Sherry and Jimmy Harris
                Becky and Neil Herline
(Caitlyn Stroman standing in for Rodney)and                                  Lindsey Krebs

                   Molly and Robert Laird
                      Eileen and Mark Leger
                 Mona and Donald Manning
              Carol and Larry McMinimy
               Richard and Barbara Muller
             Juanita and Donnie Robinson
                 Karen and Curtis Sheppard
               Forest and Lauren Shoemaker
Matthew Squyers (with Ark-Tex Ladies standing in for) Jada Squyers

               Robyn and Mike Turner
               Clint Wade and Stacy Spriggs
Thanks to all that had their pictures made at the Classic