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   Southeast Region  2021 Schedule
Date               Lake                            Registration and Weigh-In
1/23/21         Sam Rayburn       Jackson Hill Marina
2/13/21         Toledo Bend         Fin & Feather  
3/13/21         Palestine               TBD
4/3/21              Sam Rayburn           Mill Creek           
5/22/21            Livingston                Kickapoo Creek Marina
6/5/21              Toledo Bend             Lost Frontier Marina           

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Johnie and Rebecca Fountain
312 Mott Road
Brookeland, Texas 75931


100Donnie and Juanita Robinson
99Kelly and Mary Pendleton
98Johnie and Crystal Fountain
97Doug and Amy Killough
96Neil and Becky Herline
95Yarri and Wendy Schreibvogel
94Donald and Mona Manning
93Keith and Jana Cole
92Tansley Bynog & Ingrid Wright
91Jimmy and Sherry Harris
90Shawn and Christina Malone
89Bob and Audrey Sims
88Randy and Casey Hanna
87Darrell and Emily Jackson
86Mark and Eileen Leger
85Curtis and Karen Sheppard
84Norman and Theresa Bates
83James and Tammy Kiser
82Brian and Leslie Zemlicka
81Robert and Molly Laird
80George and Jolene Thompson
79David and Tina Bozarth
78Robert and Cookie Laird
77David and Molly Atwell
67Thomas and Paula Hilton 
67Chris and Carol Davis
67Josh and Laranda Culbert
67Johnie and Becky Fountain

C.A.S.T. SOUTHEAST had its first tournament of 2021 on Saturday and through the foggy weather we had some great fish come in! It was so nice to be back with our fishing family! YALL ARE THE BEST!!

  Wooohooo! First place and starting the season off right is Donnie and Juanita Robinson weighing in a 5 fish limit of 12.85!! Second place goes to Kelly and Mary Pendleton with a weight of 12.81!!! Johnie and Crystal Fountain came in third with 12.62!! Weighing in 5 fish for the day at 11.97 Doug and Amy Killough took fourth! Fifth place went to Neil and Becky Herline with 11.24!! 6th place is Yarri and Wendy Schreibvogel that brought in 5 fish for 11.19!!! Starting off with our season with the BIG BASS of the tournament and 2021 season so far is none other than Bob Sims with a 8.79 😎 WOW! Ann's tackle made it possible for an One out of the money door prize with a gift certificate that went to Donald and Mona Manning!!!  

We appreciate all of our amazing couples and can't wait to see each of you next tournament on February 13th at Toledo Bend out of Fin and Feather Resort!!

God Bless and Safe Fishing,
Johnie and Rebecca Fountain