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Steven Stroman & Devon Bean
167 CR SE 4355
Scroggins, Texas 75480
Steven: 903-466-6767
Devon: 903-946-1329
Ark-Tex Region 2022 Schedule


​Date                          Lake
2/27                          Lake O' the Pines                Completed
3/13                          Tyler                                     Completed
4/10                          Cypress Springs                 Completed
4/24                          Pat Mayse                            Completed
5/22                          Tawakoni
6/12                          Bob Sandlin
4th stop for ArkTex was Pat Mayes. This fickle Texas weather was predicted to rain, it turned out to be an overall nice day. We had 10 couples fish and 6 of them weighed in 10 plus pound bags.

Coming in 1st was Marty & Jill Sugg with 18.28 lbs.

2nd place was Steven Stroman & Devon Bean with 17.33 lbs. Devon had ladies big bass at 4.04lbs taking home the pink tumbler and $100 from Andrew's Taxidermy.

One out of the money went to Cippy & Mary Carrillo with 16.65 lbs. Cippy grabbed overall big bass with a 6.65lber.
 They took home the 13 Fishing rod.

Congratulations to all the winner. As always thank you to all of our sponsors.

 We cannot wait to see everyone on Tawakoni on May 22nd.