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Lonny & Kim McGuffey
164 Noelle Lane
Weatherford, TX  76087
(817) 597-1630 or 1631
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 2021 North Region Schedule
Date             Lake                      
2/20/21         Lake Granbury -      
3/13/21         Cedar Creek COMPLETED
4/3/21           Texoma        
4/17/21         Possum Kingdom             
5/8/21           Eagle Mountain
6/5/21           Bridgeport



The McGuffey's had a really great day on the water and we were able to find the win with our weight of 22.10. We actually had a ton of fun and hope to replicate our win tomorrow on PK with the Hill Country.
Joe & Tanya Huchowski has some boat problems at the end of the day but managed to get to the scales with a weight of 20.48 for 2nd place.  
Losing their trolling motor at 8am, David & Tammy Waller fished on and brought in 19.21 for 3rd place.  
Other winners on the day:
Greg & Janice Bobo 19.18
Roger & Monica Haverkamp 17.70
Kendall & Pam Lynn 17.69 Big Bass 8.84
Barry & Donna Merrill 17.22 Ladies Big Bass 6.16
Dan & Terri Jezek 15.88
Troy & Erin Howard 15.75
Dale & Susan Dixon 14.78
Thank you to all of our sponsors, we greatly appreciate everything you do for us.
Tackle Depot
Shuck Me
Texas Boat Works
Rooster's Outdoor Products
Tattered Wings Rusty Halos
Sandi's Creations
Our next tournament is on Eagle Mountain, May 8th.
Thank you,
Lonny and Kim McGuffey

291Roger & Monica Haverkamp
284Mark & Sandi Buhlman
282Dan & Terri Jezek
280Joe & Tanya Huchowski
276Shane & Rebecca Timm
270Lonny & Kim McGuffey
269David & Tammy Waller
264Troy & Erin Howard
263Dillon & Leslie Peck
259John & Rita Grzybowski
259Stephen & Tracy Dyer
257Chris & Natalie Bleess
257Hank & Vikki Miller
256Frank Tenorio & Mimi Thompson
251Greg & Janice Bobo
248Kendall & Pam Lynn
242Barry & Donna Merrill
233Mike & Robyn Turner
227Tracy & Karlin Graham
186Aaron & Kimberly Towner
181Joe & Ashley Schroeder
175Danny & Rebecca Montgomery
175Charles & Michelle Johnson
171Jason & Kristy Case
99Eric Garza & Kaitlyn Beebe
92Scott & Cheri Pierce
91Dale & Susan Dixon (HC)
88Brandon & Stormy Burks (HC)
87Nick & Kelsie Shaginaw (HC)
86Kyle & Ann Johnson (NE)
86Mike & Cindy Hicks (HC)
83Tony Mattson & Candy Lewis
69Mike & Janet Schupp