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        South Region 2021 Schedule

       Date               Lake                     
1/24/21         Choke Canyon              
3/14/21         Canyon 
3/28/21         LBJ
5/2/21          Travis                
5/29/21        Amistad 
5/30/21        Amistad                 
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​C.A.S.T. South,

Thank you to everyone for a great tournament at Travis. That day will always be remembered. The C.A.S.T. Family acted quickly and was able to save someone that was in a dire situation. The outcome could have easily been different but everyone was safe. 

The Top Six race is tight and places 2nd through 11th are separated by 50 points. The remaining two tournaments at Amistad on back-to-back days should lead to some exciting results for the final two tournaments to conclude the regular season.
11 Couples have qualified for the Classic
6 Couples will qualify with one paid entry for either of the final two regular season tournaments
6 Couples will qualify with paid entries in both of the remaining two regular season tournaments
The remaining 2021 South Region Schedule: 
May 29th - Amistad - TBD  
May 30th - Amistad - TBD
We would like to say thank you to our Sponsors –

2021 C.A.S.T. Sponsors
Denali Rods

2021 South Region Sponsors
BOERNE MARINE and PARKER MARINE continue to support us for the 2021 season. Please stop in Boerne or Marble Falls for all your boating and tackle needs and thank them for their continued support. Ken Parker and his team will take care of you as always.

Tournament Results
There was a lot of activity (MLF and pleasure boating) on the water but numerous limits were caught and the weights were tight. Congratulations to Dinah Hansen for a successful Three-Peat of the Ladies Big Bass! The results from Sunday are below:
1st Place - Kenny & Darla Rooke - 12.18 lbs - $665
2nd Place - Mark & Tiffany Lachenauer - 11.03 lbs - $399
3rd Place - Jeff Hunter & Laura Plumb - 10.83 lbs - $266
Big Bass - 5.05 lbs - $70  
4th Place - Chandler Stewart & Kate Simonson - 11.96 lbs - Denali Rod
Ladies Big Bass - Dinah Hansen - 2.66 lbs - $130

I have attached the photos from the Travis tournament as well as the complete results.

We would also like to ask everyone to ask others to join us in the South Region. We know that the best advertisement is word of mouth from current members. Also, as mentioned, we have a Facebook page. Please like us, follow our posts and share our page.

Lake Amistad is the next venue (May 29th and 30th). We’re looking forward to a great turnout and some good fishing.

Regards and Good Fishing,
Richard and Aryn Standeford
392Jeffrey Hunter & Laura Plumb
381Ron & Debbie Carter
380Michael & Amanda Flores
379Mark & Tiffany Lachenauer
375Doug Baker & Jennifer Baker
361Robby & Dawne Robinson
353Stan & Mary Hall
349Evan & Danielle Shillcox
348Richard & Aryn Standeford
340Gary & Lynne Brooks
331Ron & Renee Hawkins
287Kenny & Darla Rooke
280Keith & Dinah Hansen
275Butch & Janie Scarborough
273Trevor & Melissa Robertson
263Efrem & Melissa Dicochea
254Ricky Roberts & Janet Frerich
189Jarrett Robertson & Allison Duecker
188Chandler Stewart & Kate Simonson
184James & Rhonda Kosub
173Blane & Dianne Schroeder
167Tom Lanpher & Suzy Buford
163Ramon & Cindy Garza
73Frank & Becca Sharkey
0Waylon & Karla Bullard