Jason and Brandy Cotton
​ 4005 N Planet Ct.
 Odessa, Texas 79764

​                WEST REGION   - 2019 SCHEDULE                                                                                  
January 12      Champion Creek Reservoir   Fisher Park Ramp
February 16     Oak Creek              McWhorters Ramp
March 23         Brownwood             Dam Ramp
April 13            Champion Creek     Fisher Park Ramp
May 4              Hubbard Creek       One Mile Bridge Ramp
June 8             EV Spence*****   Lake change

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CAST Classic
Oct. 18, 19, & 20
Lufkin, Texas
Lake Sam Rayburn
Tackle Depot

September 21, 2019

586Zach / Brittany Hines
581Jason / Brandy Cotton
487Tim / Chris Easley
468Jeff Long/Kami James
464Jeff / Dana Long
383Mike / Cindy Hicks
369Marvin / Cricket Allen
188Gary / Carloyn Woodul
176Derric / Amanda Nichols

​Saturday June 8th was the 6th and final regional tournament for C.A.S.T. West region at Lake Spence. We only had 4 teams participate due to schedule conflicts with the Skeeter owners tournament at Lake Fork. 
1st place: Jason and Brandy Cotton - 23.13 lbs and big bass honors with a 6.61.
2nd place: Zack and Brittany Hines - 17.09
3rd place: Marvin and Cricket Allen - 14.23
4th place: Tim and Chris Easley - 13.16
There were 20 fish weighed for 67.61 pounds and zero dead fish. 
We gave away gift bags to each of our teams to show appreciation for fishing with us this year. W.C. Piel Marine donated 2 - Lews American Hero rod and reel combos to be given away to the team that was last in weight total.
There were a total of 92 fish weighed for the year with a total of 270.38 pounds. I'm proud to announce that there were zero fish casualties for the year!
Top 6 teams
1) Zack and Brittany Hines - Anglers of the year
2) Jason and Brandy Cotton
3) Tim and Chris Easley 
4) Jeffrey Long and Kami James 
5) Jeff and Dana Long
6) Mike and Cindy Hicks
We hope to see everyone September 21st for the top 6 tournament. There were 7 teams with 300 points or more that qualified for the classic at Sam Rayburn in October. 
Until then , be safe and God Bless!
Jason and Brandy Cotton 
C.A.S.T. West Region